The Mercer County Chapter of the OGS is celebrating their 40th Anniversary

Come and join us Sunday July 11th, 2021 at 2p.m. We will be meeting at St. John's Lutheran Church located at 1100 N Main St, Celina, OH 45822. The guest speaker will be DAR Officer, Mercer County Chapter Member, and former OGS Trustee Karen Miller Bennett. 


Fort Recovery State Museum Speaker Series for 2021

All Speaker Events are at 3:00 on Sunday Afternoons and are Free

The Location of Each Event – The Fort Recovery State Museum Community Room – downstairs of the museum. (If venue changes because of audience size anticipation, it will be noted by email, Facebook and website – If the location changes, it would still be within a minute or two of the museum.)


3:00 – 4:30 Sunday, May 2.  Antique Tool Collector, Dr. Tim Barman

 “The World of Antique Tool Collecting”  

Dr. Barman exhibits, explains and answers questions about his fascinating array of antique tools.  (Just samples from his extensive collection)  


3:00 Sunday, June 27.     Author, Kirby Whitacre

“Characters of the 1790-95 Indian War and the Little Known Facts that Tie History Together”   

Whitacre’s book, The Spirit Traveler; the Northwest Indian War in the Ohio Country, will be available for purchase and signing.  10% discount for patrons.


3:00 Sunday, July 25.  History Enthusiast/Popular Presenter, Joe Beatty

“The Northwest Ordinance, 1787: Implemented in Fort Recovery; Have we honored it yet today?” 

Joe of Houston, Texas is the descendant of Ensign Samuel Beatty and Captain Erkuries Beatty both of whom served in the armies that fought (Samuel died) at Fort Recovery.


3:00 Sunday, August 29.  Author, Frank Kuron

“Clash of Cultures! Discover the Relationships of Tecumseh; the Prophet; and the Future President, William Henry Harrison”

Both of Kuron’s books, Thus Fell Tecumseh and Intriguing People;  the Curious Events They Suffered While Living in the Wilderness of the Northwest Territory will be available for purchase and signing that day.  10% discount for patrons.


3:00 Sunday, September 26.  Author, Mary Stockwell

 “Interrupted Odyssey: Ulysses S. Grant and the American Indians

Mary Stockwell a previously well received speaker at Fort Recovery (The Other Trail of Tears and Unlikely General) will show how Grant developed an Indian policy, with the help of his close friend Ely Parker, himself a Seneca Indian, to protect the tribes and welcome them into the nation as citizens.   All three of her books will be available for purchase/signing.